Barney’s Gotcha Day

Two years ago, today, we adopted Barney. We call October 19th his birthday, as we do not know what his real date of birth is. We celebrated together with him. He got a new stuffed squeaky monkey and some natural chews that he loves.  He also got to see one of his favourite people, Auntie Fran, who provided care to him over the summer while we were away.  His whole body was wiggling and whimpering with happiness when he visited today, pure joy overtaking his whole being! It occurred to me that he has been with us now, longer than his time at the shelter/rescue. I whispered to him that I loved him, and that he was going to stay with us until the end of his life, just in case there was any part of him that still believed we were just a temporary home for him.  Barney teaches me  to squeeze every bit of joy possible out of each and every day. I am inspired  as he navigates daily life without vision, but with great courage, curiosity, and faith that something delightful is just around every corner! I am so grateful for this curly little dog, for all that know him and love him, and for all those that cared for him up until he became ours. With Deep Gratitude.

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