“Community Poop” and Poodle Law

Here I am, writing about dog poop again! I am now picking up any number of stray dog poops in my neighbourhood. I call these “community poop,” and I typically have a rule of only picking up one per walk in addition to my Barney’s poop. This is my usual limit, or I start to feel resentful! Since it is Christmas, however, I have been more “generous” in my community service lately! Barney’s poop is quite the event. He walks around while he poops, so we have to keep track of the poop trail to get them all (very tricky when leaves are on the ground, much easier on snow!). Since he wasn’t fully housetrained when we got him, we praised him for pooping outside. Now he turns to “look” at our faces, expecting praise every single time. He is so happy to have his pooping acknowledged! A poodle lover once told me, “If you do something once with a poodle, it becomes law.” She is right. They are very clever and funny dogs!

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