“Community Poop” and Poodle Law

Here I am, writing about dog poop again! I am now picking up any number of stray dog poops in my neighbourhood. I call these “community poop,” and I typically have a rule of only picking up one per walk in addition to my Barney’s poop. This is my usual limit, or I start toContinue reading ““Community Poop” and Poodle Law”

Scooping another dog’s poop!

I am always looking for potential things that my blind dog could run into, and by far, poop is one of the worst! At first, I am slightly irritated when I see another dog’s poop left behind…and judgment starts to creep in….”careless, irresponsible dog walker” type thoughts…and as I pick up that stray poop andContinue reading “Scooping another dog’s poop!”